Doors & Windows

From the different profiles that we have, one can form an aperture, these systems are:

- Sliding double or triple rail

- Hinged tilt & turn (Movie Diagram Below)

tilt and turn

 - Hinged Outwards or Inwards

- Emergency / Panic Attack Doors (Single / Double leaf)

- Remote Controlled Hatches (open up lodge)

- Central pivoting and also Folding Multi-flap

- Door Gates

- Security main Doors: Security main doors are also available with different Door Panels to choose from. We import Door Panels and Security Main Doors. We have over 160 different models and designs to choose from with any colour you want. Please note that one who choose Door panel instead of Security main door still has a HeavyDuty Electric 3-Way Lock in his door. We usually ship month after the order we make.

All type of apertures can be made Single Glaze or Double Glaze.

Glass: We have many different types of Glazing systems for one to choose from.

  • Normal Double Glaze or Single Glaze (Clear/Tint/Green)
  • Double Glaze with Argon Gas (Thermal insulation)
  • XG Total Double Glaze (Eliminates UV) + Argon Gas
  • Silence Glass Laminated (Especially used for Studios) It is most effective when used in Double Glaze systems.
  • Priva Blue 10mm laminated (Especially used for Walkways / Conservatories and Curtain Walls)
  • Sunergy Green
  • Azur
  • BioClean 6mm or 8mm Laminated (Especially used for Skylights)
  • Opaque Laminated 6mm or 10mm
  • SandBlast
  • Planitherm Futur (Especially used for Thermal Insulation, by keeping the inside room temperture)

    Please note that every double or single glaze system can be made laminated - tinted/clear.

    For more info about Single Glaze Glass or Double Glaze Glass just contact us or take a visit to our showroom and one can get informed which Glass is suitable for his enviroment.

    Hinged Inwards or Outwards system: We use plenty of profiles to satisfy our clients. These are:

  • P4 System
  • P6 Systems
  • Classic Style Aluminium System
  • NC40 Old System
  • NC40 New System
  • NC40 Round Edge System
  • Systema Uno
  • All type of Apertures can be made in different colours. We stock about 15 different colours including the wood colours. Besides that we have plenty more wood colours that they can be ordered for our clients.

    Sliding systems: As hinged system too we stock plenty of sliding profiles from small styles of single glaze to the most heavy - duty style i.e. for large doors or for double glaze apertures.

  • Exp60 Light Duty
  • Exp60 Heavy Duty
  • Tri-Alco Heavy Duty
  • Thermal Break Profiles
  • Please note that Thermal Break is on order. Thermal Break are Sliding Apertures in Two Colour mode with the insulation between the profiles. Typical e.g. Profile, Colour Black Outside, Insulation for Climate, Wood colour inside. These comes out in Double Glaze + Argon Gas.